Rondel Design Ltd was created by Stephane Rondel, a prominent Parisian designer from the nineties who now resides in New Zealand. Rondel manufactured his range of elegant tableware, furniture and architectural fittings. Renowned for their beauty, simplicity and practicality, Rondel Design's quality products are sought after both for private homes and for commercial settings.

Stephane Rondel has a background in engineering, but since being commissioned in 1989 to make furniture for the Elysee Palace in Paris, to furnish parts of the chateau of a Parisian jeweller and to design a French sandwich chain in Paris Lina's, he has pursued a successful international career in design. Rondel also detained seven patents in France from the early eighties and received royalties for over 20 years. 

In 2000, his work was received enthusiastically by the press and his professional clients at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. He has pieces on permanent display in museums both in New Zealand and overseas. He also won three architectural awards for his own personal developments.

Rondel works extensively as a designer in Auckland, where he has been involved in several large projects such as Sky City Casino and Force Entertainment Centre. His massive 400 square meters trivet wall frames the entrance to the Aotea Entertainment Centre. In addition, many upmarket apartment hotel developments in New Zealand and Australia have chosen to use Rondel Design products. He also made trophies for TVNZ awards, and the Americas Cup race series.

The Rondel Ball grinder (pepper grinder) was selected for the Conran Shop in London and his furniture has feature in several music videos, album covers and movies around the world.

In 2013 Stephane and Iain McDonald created Metallistic Ltd after Stephane developed a flat pack  system of metal cabinetry for kitchens, offices, workshops, and laboratories, the cabinetries are assembled within minutes it's call the ROKIT system entirely made of metal and is extremely durable to last several life time and come then with a lifetime warranty. All cabinetries are taylor made using his ROKIT system.
The RONHINGE system is the latest design invention from Stephane Rondel. The idea and motivation came from his passion for collecting Aboriginal art works and having to transport or move them within the home. The RONHINGE allows for a large canvas to be safely folded in half while still stretched on its frame. Folding and unfolding your large painting within minutes for easy transport, storage, and handling.